Our Vision & Approach

We believe in a holistic approach of the sustainability and social sectors to be able to bridge knowledge and opportunities gaps. Discover our four action pillars just here!

  • Connect

    Y-East primarily gathers and engages a community of impact-generating actors, and generates more opportunities between them, both online and offline.

  • Act

    Y-East is committed to taking action and support action of its members through a range of support and consulting services.

  • Raise Awareness

    Y-East opens up its community, activities and research findings to the larger society in order to contribute to the advent of a society who cares.

  • Extend Knowledge

    Extend knowledge - Y-East contributes to research in order to keep updated on latest trends, foster innovation, and bring more expertise into the sustainability and social impact fields.

Our Missions

  • Bridging

    Miscommunication & missed opportunities between impact makers & impact enablers

  • Professionalising

    Institutionalising the sustainability & social sectors, leading to the creation of jobs that matter

  • Proudly Representing

    Eastern India in the country’s common effort to generate sustainable ethical impact, pan-India and beyond

  • Raising Awareness

    Contributing to the advent of more responsible individual mindset & behaviours in society at large

Our Core Team

  • Pauline
  • Meghdut
    Chief Evangelist
  • Ajay
    Chief Strategy Advisor
  • Dheeman
    Sustainability Consultant